Tibiagallery First Version

TibiaGallery.com has just launched and we are offering you great solutions and improvements compared to other similar sites.

We offer a free cloud photo storage service, using the latest storage and backup technologies, so you can be confident that your photos will be safely secured.

Great benefits for our registered users.

If you decide to create an account in TibiaGallery you will be able to access all the available functions such as:

  1. Create albums (public or private).
  2. Increase the maximum size per photo from 10 to 30 MB.
  3. Backup Guarantee, we are committed to taking care of your images with daily backups.
  4. Access to API to get more out of the service.
  5. You can follow your favorite profiles.
  6. Configure with ShareX.
  7. Likes system.
  9. And much more.

SharedX support

Do you use Sharex to capture screenshots from Tibia? We have full integration to ShareX, you can take screenshots and upload them to Tibiagallery just with a click thanks to our API available to registered users.


Web plugin

Do you manage a website, blog or forum? Add image upload to your website, blog or forum by installing our upload plugin.

Provide upload of images to any website by placing a button that will allow your users to directly upload images to our service and will automatically take care of the codes necessary for insertion. All features like drag and drop, remote upload, image resizing and much more are included.

You can configure the plugin from here: Add-on for sites

From Tibians to Tibians.

We know that Tibia is a game where we all have many memories, over the years most players accumulate many photos of their best memories and we know how important it is for you to keep those photos, that’s why we understand the importance of taking care of those memories.

We invite you to stop uploading your Tibian photos to other sites and start using TibiaGallery. YOU’LL LOVE IT!